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1. Why should I choose REVOFIL?
2. Is it safe and are there any side effects after injection?
3. What are the advantages of REVOFIL?
4. If the composition is the same, why ones are thicker than others and what are their sizes of needles?
5. Can laser or radio frequency treatment be used before or after REVOFIL treatment?
6. How long does it take before I can return to my normal activities after REVOFIL treatment?
7. How long does the procedure take?
8. Do you have in-vivo test data showing the apparent efficacy?
9. Why is REVOFIL more effective than other competitors?
10. What are the positive effects that patients could expect?
11. How does REVOFIL work?
12. Why peptides give the products more elasticity and stability?
13. Is REVOFIL monophasic or biphasic?
14. What is the difference between REVOFIL and REVOFIL AQUASHINE?
15. What is the difference between AQUASHINE and AQUASHINEBR?
16. What is Benefits of AQUASHINE/AQUASHINEBR?
17. Why AQUASHINE/AQUASHINEBR have 2ml volume?